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urban excursion: a heap of broken images

Went on an excursion with kingfox around the magical no-man's land between NJ and NY; the outskirts of Newark and Elizabeth.

i heard that the FAA capped the (incoming?) number of flights to 84 per hour during the holiday season.

under the Pulaski

we went down strange (sometimes restricted) roadways and cul-de-sacs

an abandoned diner near the Port

there seems to be a bit of a flooding problem in this area, no surprise...

dudes washing a truck

under all the urban byways is the Essex Penetentiary. (would you want a window in your cell or not?)

this ad campaign is everywhere. it's getting surreal.

dunno what this is, what it's for. venting? storing? filtering? idk.

i never get a good shot of always looks like this when I'm driving by, making me think that Burton has it right with his depictions of Gotham: smoke and steam everywhere.


shipping lines

rather a restricted area...we only got stopped by the PA once though.

pulled over to take some shots of an abandoned AM station, WMCA.

more in the photo gallery...

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